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Lansford genealogy
Generation 1
Henry Lansford

born: Unknown - There is a " Henry Sonn of John Langford" born Sept. 20th  1722. listed in The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1684-1786.  C.G. Chamberlayne. Page 472, but there is no evidence that Henry Lansford of this family line is the "Henry" listed in that document.There is also a William Lansford that came to Virginia as an indentured servant, but again there is no documentation linking Henry Lansford to the indentured William.

place: Unknown
married: 1750 (about)
place: Pitttsylvania County, Virginia
spouse: Catharine Pryor (1725 - 1779)
died: 01-22-1778
place: Pittsylvania County, Virginia
children: Elijah (1747), Isham Calhoun (12-22-1752), Henry (1754), Catherine "Cate" (1756), Josiah, Susannah

note 1: Henry moved to Pittsylvania County Virginia on or before 1751, there being a recorded 400 acres by William and Joseph Walton on 08-1751 joining Lansford's upper line.

note 2: On 08-1752 Henry Lansford, John Russell and Joseph Tronmonger were appointed as a Committee to view and make the best most convenient way to build a road from the head of the south fork of Sandy River on the south side of Banister Mountains to the place appointed for the Court House. The banister Mountains were then called the White Oak Mountains.

note 3: 1753 Sept 15 - Halifax County, VA - Thomas Callaway, Merry Webb and Henry Lansford returned a signed report on the improvement on Leatherwood Creek made by RALPH ELKINS, viz: 26 acres of cultivated orchards, buildings and other improvements with expenses to value of 396/10 pounds. Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Vol 24 No. 2, Page 36. (See EE Vol IV, No 3, Page 89)

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Generation 2
Isham Calhoun Lansford, Sr.
born: 12-22-1752
place: Pittsylvania County, Virginia
married: 07-11-1776
place: Virginia
spouse: Mary (Molly) Harris (born 02-14-1758)
died: 1830 (after)
place: Virginia
children: Henry (1777), Elizabeth (1786), Thomas (1780), Lemuel (1782), John (1784), Dolly (1787), Parmenas (1790), Isham Calhoun, Jr. (1792), Mary (Polly) (11-20-1794), Simeon (1801), Elijah (before 1800).

Note 1: Isham Lansford's name appears on the list of those compensated for their service during Lord Dunmore's War (1774)

note 2: Isham received a commission as a Lieutenant in the Virginia Militia on 2/16/1795 (Pittsylvania Courthouse Records Book 8, p.18).

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Generation 3
Isham Calhoun Lansford, Jr.
born: 05-31-1792
place: Virginia
spouse: Sarah (Sally) ?
died: 03-1847
place: Fayette County, Illinois
children: William H. (1820 - Virginia), Eliza Ann (1821 - Virginia), Mary (11-19-1824 - Virginia), John (04-04-1831 - Virginia), Simeon (1835 - Illinois), Lydia J. (1838 - Illinois), Sarah Jane (1842 - Illinois), and Lemuel Jackson (03-05-1846 - Illinois)
Generation 4
William H. Lansford
born: 1820
place: Virginia
married: 01-23-1842
place: Fayette County, Illinois
spouse: Lucy B. Day
died: 1900 (after)
children: Sarah (1845), Henry (1847), Richard (1848), John (1852), Mary (1854), Hannah (1856), Eliza (1858), Cortez (1860), Leroy Jones (1868)
Generation 5
Richard Lansford
born: 1848
place: Fayette County, Illinois
married: 07-28-1868
place: St. Louis, Missouri
spouse: Emeleza Olive Fogler
died: 04-30-1879
children: William Robert (06-1869), Henry Marion (1871), Mary Ellen (1873), and Daisy (1879).
Generation 6
William Robert Lansford
born: 06-1869
place: Fayette County, Illinois
spouse: Mary Boston
died: 1953
place: Alorton, Illinois
children: William married Mary Smith (Boston) who had two children (Clarence H. Smith and Ernest Francis Smith). Together, William and Mary had 6 children Cline Fogler (08-3-1900), Warren C., Addie Jane, Harry Delaney (11-20-1911), Nellie Francis (1905), and Jack Odonle (02-13-1919)
notes: Both of William's parents died in an accident on April 30, 1879 during a trip to St. Louis. William was taken in and raised by his Mother's parents the Foglers. William and Mary spent much of their lives together on a farm they purchased from Oliver Vallow just North of Evergreen Cemetery in Kinmundy, Illinois.
Generation 7
Jack Odonle Lansford
born: 02-13-1919
place: Kinmundy, Illinois
married: 04-20-1946
place: Reno, Nevada
spouse: Bettie Jane Dublar
died: 08-08-1988
place: Marion, Illinois
children: William Ricky Lansford (05-27-1947)
notes: Jack served as a Staff Sergeant in WW II - Pacific Theatre and awarded two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart. Jack is buried in Jefferson Barracks, Missouri along with his wife Bettie.
Generation 8
William Ricky Lansford
born: 05-27-1947
place: Alorton, Illinois
married: 06-07-1986
place: Coral Springs, Florida
spouse: Kimberly Ann Basak
children: Married Ruby Hall 04-1970 divorced 04-1980 William and Ruby had one son William Robert Lansford. Children of William and Kimberly are Justin Michael (08-27-1989) and Christopher Raymond (03-01-1992).
notes: William moved from Illinois to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1974 where he worked as a Paramedic. He and his family currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. William Robert also lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Brandy.